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Activating Java Message Services!

The Java Message Service 1.0.2 API has become the standard for MOM products large and small and its implementation ranges from expensive commercial products to freeware and even open source projects. As its name suggests, however, it only provides a standard Java API. This means that:

  • There are no widely accepted standardized, non-Java, non-proprietary messaging APIs.
  • Support for non-Java access to many JMS systems is very limited.
These two facts often present a problem for an organization, as they often need to have non-Java clients participate in a JMS network. Until now these organizations had few choices—they could use the JMS vendor’s proprietary ActiveX client (if the vendor offered one), or they could use a general purpose 3rd party Java-ActiveX integration tool. Neither of these solutions is ideal, however, because they are contrary to the ‘open’ nature of the JMS specification itself. You get tied down to a particular vender once again!

The Active JMS open source project was created to solve this problem by offering a freely available, non-proprietary, open source ActiveX JMS client API.  With it, you can access a large majority of the JMS functionality without compromise.


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